how to know if he loves you

What makes people fall in love? Is it a chemical reaction or a spiritual connection? Can people fall in love the first time they see each other? Does love last forever? There are an endless amount of questions about love and relationships and very few definite answers. Most women can easily identify when they fall in love and are open about their feelings. Men are usually much less willing to admit when they feel this connection. This means that women have to learn how to recognize the signs for themselves. If wondering how to know if he loves you, look for three behaviors.

1. He is comfortable being his true self and wants the same for his girlfriend.

Relationships are real when people can drop the illusion of perfection and be themselves. This includes not always looking the best, admitting to flaws and having a difference of opinions. Love is apparent when a man accepts that his girlfriend is not perfect, has no intention of trying to change her and loves her regardless of what the imperfection may be.

2. His emotions match those of the woman he loves.

Men that feel sorrow or happiness based on what their partner has experienced are usually desperately in love. They do not have to be directly affected by the incident. It is the emotion their loved one is experiencing that matters to them.

3. Time spent with his girlfriend is a priority to him.

There is nothing more precious than time. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves after work and other responsibilities are over. Choosing to spend those free hours or minutes with one person is an obvious sign of love. This does not mean that happy couples must devote every moment to each other. In fact, it is healthier if they spend time with other friends too.

Time, honesty and emotion are all essential to a loving relationship. Women that want to know if there is any potential for a lasting commitment from a man they are dating should determine if these three things are apparent. If not, it may be time to determine if a causal relationship is enough or if it is time to move on.