Learn the Signs He’ll Never Commit and Stop Wasting Time

Women of all ages struggle to figure out whether a man they like is really into them or if they are merely wasting their time. Men lead women on all the time. It’s not because they are trying to be mean to women or hurt them. They’re merely living their lives and treating women they way they allow themselves to be treated. By knowing the signs that a man is never going to commit, women are able to make an informed decision. They may continue to be involved with a man that doesn’t want to commit but they’ll be doing it knowing they have no future with him.

Women need to pay attention when a man tells them they aren’t interested in a relationship. This is one of the top signs he’ll never commit. There’s no sense a woman trying to change his mind because what he really means is that he isn’t interested in a relationship with her. He may offer a number of excuses, such as he just had a bad breakup, he has commitment issues or he doesn’t like labels. All of these are code for he is looking for something else in a girlfriend.

Another thing women need to pay attention to is what he shares about himself. Men tend to talk less than women but a man that is really into a woman and sees a future with her in it will share more than facts about himself. He’ll talk about his dreams, things that have hurt him and his aspirations. Men don’t share these parts of themselves with every woman they date, only the special ones. A woman who finds herself listening to a lot of insignificant chatter can assume she isn’t the one for him.

They say there’s someone for everyone. Although it might take some trial and error to find the right guy, persistent women who don’t waste years of their lives on the wrong type of men almost always find someone who is willing to give them the world. Those who haven’t found him yet should pay attention to the signs and keep moving when it’s obvious he’s not going to commit.