October 26, 2020


Dating Can Do

DinDin says he dated Rainbow’s Hyunyoung in the earlier?

On September 18, Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung invited her near close friend/rapper DinDin as a guest for her YouTube series, ‘Jo Hyunyoung Television set‘!

Initially, Hyunyoung released DinDin as her “childhood close friend”, as the two stars (equally 1991-liners) lived in the identical community from their elementary university times all the way all through higher school. 

DinDin also released himself as, “Jo Hyunyoung’s childhood buddy because elementary college”, greeting viewers of ‘Jo Hyunyoung TV’. He was then asked if he remembered his first experience with Hyunyoung.

Nevertheless, DinDin gave a totally unrelated response as he revealed, “I don’t know if I should say this? She and I actually dated for like 2 weeks. When we had been second or 3rd years in middle faculty?” Listed here, Hyunyoung can be heard outside the house of the frame demanding, “What the f*** are you conversing about?”

Laughing, DinDin continued, “We dated for like 2 months when we were in middle faculty, but I wished to break up with her so I told Beolgu (yet another mate) to tell you that he preferred you. And then I referred to as Beolgu when you were there and we requested him and then he mentioned he preferred you, and that is how you two began dating!” Still outside the frame, Hyunyoung could be listened to exclaiming, “I have no memory of at any time dating you! When did that ever take place?”

DinDin then prompt that they connect with their other childhood pal, Beolgu. DinDin then questioned Beolgu for affirmation, and Beolgu coolly commented, “That’s correct.” When DinDin mentioned, “She’s indicating that we by no means dated,” Beolgu refuted, “No, you two did day.” Hearing Beolgu’s confirmation, Hyunyoung was at a reduction for terms!

DinDin then chased(?) Hyunyoung out of the body again, remarking, “I indicate we ended up in center university, what’s the major deal? Center university kids scarcely do anything at all when they date.” Later on, the two stars diffused the pressure(?) by detailing that through this kind of incidents, they were being in a position to turn into very shut serious lifestyle good friends.