October 1, 2020


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Reasons Why Your Wife is Cheating on You

For most men, finding out that their wives have been cheating is devastating. The betrayal is often too much, and divorce or separation is often the next considered option. As much as cheating cannot be condoned, women who have either cheated or contemplated seeking love elsewhere have always mentioned several reasons why they do it. For women, the decision to cheat is often emotional than physical. If your wife is cheating, or you suspect she is up to some sneaky affairs, then these could be some of the reasons she is doing it:

1. You stopped noticing her:

Do you remember how your face used to light up when she walked into your arms? Or how you would break into a smile when she wore her favorite dress for dinner when your relationship was still new? Chances are, along the way, you stopped noticing. Women love when you show them attention. They appreciate when you compliment them, even if it is just once a day. If you stopped doing it, there is probably someone else who started noticing her, and got her attention.

2. You stopped sharing about your life:

You may think it does not matter, but in reality, you wife enjoyed the small talks you used to share about your work, childhood, and general information about what is going on with your life. Men tend to close in and share less, especially when they get comfortable with the relationship. For women, this could be misinterpreted as drifting away.

3. You developed other priorities:

Your job may be tasking, but when you come home every day and you rush to the computer to catch up with work, your wife will start feeling neglected. She may also go to the computer and decide to set up a dating profile to see if there is someone in the interweb who will find her attractive. You can know what she has been up to by registering to https://www.cheaterbuster.net/ to check out if she has a tinder account, but you will also need to ask yourself if there are things you should have done differently in your union.

4. You are not giving her enough sex

There is a common misconception that only men enjoy sex. Women have confessed that they love acts of intimacy with their men. And they love it more when they spice it up. If you find yourself constantly avoid sex with your wife, then you should probably seek professional counselling. Otherwise, she might just find another person who is willing to step up to the game (No pun intended)

5. You constantly demean her

It could be how you talk to her, how you react when she shares information with you, or how you treat her when you have company. Several women admit that they contemplated cheating at some point in their marriage, when they felt demeaned by their husbands.

If you feel you did everything right, and your wife still cheated, you are not alone.

Research indicate that even happy marriages can have instances of cheating. Moreover, sometimes women cheat, not because of what their husbands have done. They sometimes do it because of several issues such as past experiences, need for adventure, among others.