September 29, 2020


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Tips for Online Dating Freaks from Dating Sunday


Thanks to online daters the first Sunday of the year has earned the name “Dating Sunday.” According to top dating websites, it’s the day millions of people log online in search of romance. 2018’s Dating Sunday came a few days ago. It saw people from all walks of life log in, while others sign up to enjoy online dating services. Though the facts of this year’s turnout are not yet out as of this article, expectations were very high among dating sites like and the Tinder app.


However, we managed to monitor some online dating habits savvy people practiced on dating Sunday and would like to share them out. We can’t forget that finding a lover on the online platform calls for patience, intelligence and commitment. Dating Merchant account holders do their best to keep you safe and find you the best lover possible depending on your needs. The rest remains your duty. All in all, rushing things up will often land you in the wrong places with the wrong person. The following practices are crucial if you are looking for love and would like to stay safe in your endeavors.


1-Stick to a few (1 or 2) sites for your age

Not all sites host all ages. Look for a site that hosts your age-group. For example, Bumble was a favorite spot for those in their 20s last Sunday, while Match was perfect for ages 30-40 and lastly over 50s went for EHarmony.


2-Choose a lively pic

Despite the many other factors we advocate for, till now online dating still owes 90 percent of its success to photos.Some romance-seekers added in lively pics showing them do what they love.


3-Slow things down

Not everyone presents their true personality online, watch out for tricksters. A good many website daters used Google Voice to stay incognito. This service develops alternative phone numbers which it can erase any time.


4-Be optimistic, not skeptic

If you want to benefit from online dating, you should avoid being skeptic. Remember, the one thing that keeps everyone that joins the trend is faith and the belief that they’ll find their true love.



Dating Sunday wasn’t the end of it, the above tips apply anytime you log in to your dating account to find love.


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